Zero-waste at school or office – 5 TIPS & TRICKS ⁠

🥪1. Take your own food to school/office in lunch box and use your own cutlery set. It can be bamboo or just metal one. If you forgot your cutlery – ask in canteen or the nearby restaurant/cafe.⁠

💧2. Take your own bottle filled with water and refill it every-time you emptied it. ⁠

🖋3. Use metal pens instead of plastic one. Choose refilling pen or fountain pens. It looks vintage and extraordinary.⁠

📓4. Choose recycled notebooks instead of new manufactured.⁠

🎁5. Use paper scotch instead of plastic, gold or with glitter. Remember it is a source of microplastic.⁠

✏️6. Use pencils until it completely disappears. Remember there were invested a lot of effort, money and time to produce each thing that we use in our everyday life.⁠

🏷️7. Tag your schoolmates/colleagues to share this information with them and work together in the direction of making this world a better place! Let’s build a big community!

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