The Conscious Fashion Meetup at Yksi Expo

The goal of this event is to help people to be more sustainable and conscious about their fashion consumption behaviour.

Our event is not a commercial activity – it is an environmental ♻️🌍 awareness building initiative hosted by Zero Waste Zone in collaboration with People for Planet Movement.

✔️Presentations 🖥
✔️Rescued Clothes SALE 🏷
✔️Workshops 🧵🧰
✔️Plant-based snacks 🥗
✔️Music 🎼🎶
✔️Community building atmosphere 🤗🤗🤗

We invite everyone who cares for our beautiful PLANET 🌿🌍
And loves FASHION 💜 but also thinks about the impact that fashion industry has on the environment.
For those who already responsibly make their fashion choices and want to be active and help build wider awareness. 📢

The event itself is for free. However we will have a collection box 🐷 where you can leave some donation for our movement 🙏💚, which will be all reinvested in creating and organising more sustainability events like this one. 🙋‍♀️

Workshops during the event will be paid, according to the content – info to follow.

📋🎙Program includes:

1️⃣ Presentations:

⭐️Elisah Pals
With 10 tips Elisah from Zero Waste Nederland can guide you to a life without… microplastics! Want to learn how? Come to her presentation.

⭐️ Mariska Helmus
“How to dress more sustainably in 2020?”
👩‍🏫 Mariska Helmus is an advocate of sustainability in the field of fashion and textiles. She hosts guest lessons about the sustainable / circular fashion industry, is co-founder of ‘’Groningen Fair Fashion’’ (GROFF) and is building a global, truly sustainable fashion community ” Chicfasic ”, with a pilot already running in Groningen.
GROningen Fair FashionChicfashic

⭐️ Roxanne Cacpal and Mercedes Fuentes from People for Planet
“Sustainably active citizens”
👩‍🏫 Roxanne is always seeking to be involved and involve others in sustainable actions such as in People for Planet where citizens are brought together to find and implement sustainable solutions. She also helps R-Energy – a startup developing a new energy technology – with its sustainable business strategy.
👩‍🏫 Mercedes came to Eindhoven to follow her passion and study Sustainable Energy Technology. Unable to remain calm, she found the initiative People for Planet and hasn’t left ever since. She contributes to the development of the organisation and is manager to one of the current projects.
People for Planet

⭐️ Silvia Ardila
“Components of a Sustainable Business Model. Our project model Silvia Ardila Love by Grace.”
👩‍🏫 Silvia Ardila is a founder and creative director of Silvia Ardila Love by Grace, a conscious brand based in NL, craftsmanship that combines fashion and social impact. Silvia is a professional in International Relations and Political Science with about 11 years of experience in social counseling, establishing strong and successful relationships between organizations, as well as volunteering for different social organizations and the buffet for sustainable development 2030.
Silvia Ardila Love by Grace

⭐️Diana Eliza Bizarro
Discussion about ECOFEMINISM concept.
👩‍🏫 DianaEliza Bizarro is a sustainability expert who for TNO as a sustainability and circular economy researcher. She has a master degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Cologne and is an expert in the field of Life Cycle assessment, she is also a passionate feminist fighting for gender equality in all of her life aspects.
On her free time she is always reading about politics, trying to figure out how to make her own house more sustainable and learning about the aspects and consequences of a gender inequality.

2️⃣ Rescued Clothes SALE 👗🛒
➡ clothing for the consciously aware.

We’re bringing plenty of brand new, unworn or hardly used clothes 👗👚👖 – which we saved from landfill, preventing a lot of carbon dioxide getting into our atmosphere – for you to take over.
Rescued clothes will cost 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and max. 25€ per piece – depending on type and condition.
All the money 💰 that we collect will be dedicate for the further development of our “Towards Sustainability” project – initiative by People for Planet.

Although we already have a lot of cloths to sell on the event, we would also like to ask you for support!
We are pretty sure there are some nice pieces of still very good quality cloths hidden in your closet, that could find a new loving owner! Please give your unworn cloths a new life and donate them to our event.

3️⃣ Workshops – to be announced soon

🤔 More info❓
If you have more questions or ideas💡 to share or maybe you have a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS 👩‍💼👨‍💼 that you would like to present during our event, please contact us at 📧 :

* If you want to donate your cloths – please make sure they are in good shape and clean. You can bring them to Zero Waste Zone before the event – starting from Tuesday 3.03 (11:00-18:00) or come with them to the event (there will be appropriate info at the entrance).
If we decide that the quality or condition of cloths are not sufficient, we might not accept them for the event.

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