Guilty Pleasure

What can we do if aviation is contributing to climate change and ice melting but traveling is so pleasant?

Traveling by plane is a high source of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

For example, such flights as London-New York emits 670Kg carbon dioxide per passenger. This kind of trips are equivalent to average annual emission for someone who is living in Ghana – writes

Unfortunately, the predictions are that the number of passengers will double by 2037 (approx. 8.2 billion people)

Aviation is responsible for 5% of all global emissions but this transportation is worse than the rest.

The problem is in altitude. The emissions on high altitudes stay much longer and are more harmful to the climate. Emissions on high altitudes work the same as a big hot blanket that covers the Earth and causes the greenhouse effect.

What are the solutions?

First of all, think about your trip. Is it far away? Consider traveling locally with friends by car, bus or by train. There are so many beautiful places located near you.

Consider trying to travel by train such as Interrail. Expensive, comfortable and you can be flexible.

If you travel by car always take friends or other travelers with yourself. 

The buses have one of the lowest carbon emission indexes and are relatively cheap.

Plan your trip 5-6 months ahead. It is money-saving, you can rethink how you can get there with the lowest ecological cost and it allows to think good about which countries are worth visiting.

Choose one country and explore it whole by using ground transportation. You can discover a lot of wonders. 

Compensate your CO2 emissions. If you don’t have any other options and you should travel by plane – calculate your CO2 emissions by using or or any other platform and pay for your emissions. The funds will go to the projects which are trying to stop climate change.

Golden rule – Do not use domestic flights unless you are Russian 🙂 Use all other available ground transportations. 

Let’s search and support projects which are working for electrical aviation and sustainable traveling.

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