Sol Cup to go

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  • Deep Sea Green 235 ml
  • Yummy yellow 235 ml
  • Radiant Rose 355 ml
  • Seaside slate 355 ml
  • Winter Bondi Blue 475 ml


Hand blown Glass, plastic-free, BPA and chemical free reusable cup.

On-the-Go cups without producing trash is real now! Beautiful reusable glass cups which you bring with yourself at any place.

Just show barista that you have your cup and ask them to refill it with their delicious coffee or tea.

She is dishwasher and microwave safe. Perfect for cold and hot beverages.

Why just not to use a reusable plastic cup for coffee?

Because the production of that kind of cup consumes a lot of energy and Earth’s resources.

There are also no researches made how that kind of plastic affects your health.

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Sol Cup Color

Deep Sea Green 235 ml, Yummy yellow 235 ml, Radiant Rose 355 ml, Seaside slate 355 ml, Winter Bondi Blue 475 ml

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    Nummer drie in de collectie

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