Shampoo bar “Vanilla Coconut”


  • Vegan shampoo and zero waste
  • Lasts as long as two bottles of liquid shampoo
  • Zero waste
  • vegan
  • 100% natural origin
  • Without sulphates
  • Easy to take on a trip
  • Suitable for pregnant and lactating women as well as young children


Solid shampoo bar for dry hair with Vanilla Coconut scent. Vegan.

The form of the shampoo not only reduces unnecessary packaging waste, but also the number of weekly washes. In addition, the shampoo holds about twice as long as a bottle of conventional liquid shampoo and is thus the ideal space-saving companion when traveling.

How to use? Foam the shampoo like a normal piece of soap between your hands and gently massage into the wet hair. Then wash out well.


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