Did you know that pantyhose are non recyclable product?

You wear them until you spot a big hole in them and then what? You just throw it away and it lasts for years to biodegrade. Tights are made from Nylon fiber. Raw materials such as oil, coal, natural gas are used to produce Nylon fiber. Dutch system Afvalscheidingswijzer recommend us to throw away them to Residual Waste (Restafval). After the collection, our waste from the streets has been incinerated (burned). Incineration produces energy that is used to generate electricity. Sustainable alternatives:

  • sustainable tights made of recycled polyamide 
  • Bamboo tights 

How to reuse your tights?

  1. Store onions and garlic to keep them dry and fresh.
  2. Make a hair-tie.
  3. Wear old tights under the jeans when it’s cold. It looks nice with Ripped Jeans. 
  4. Decor home staff.
  5. Fix your plants. Nylon is very soft and will not damage your tomatoes or flowers.
  6. Make bags from tights for delicate washing.
  7. Make shopping bags. 
  8. Polish your shoes.

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